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”Sing to a Brighter Future” CD Launch

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The Muscial Group “Dolce”, hailing from Clarecastle in Co. Clare are delighted to launch their first CD – “Sing to a Brighter Future”.


This CD has been produced to assist the Clinical Cancer Research Trust in their mission to combat cancer, which, regrettably, affects many of our friends and their families.

“Dolce” – which is an Italian Musical Term for “Sweetly”, consists of a 4 girl ensemble, who are currently touring the Churches and Cathedrals in Co.Clare and their neighbouring counties, promoting their CD.

Dolce says “There is scarcely a family in Ireland that has not been touched by this disease. Cancer knows no boundaries and is indiscriminate upon gender or age. As a group, this is our chance to play a part in supporting this great cause.”

The girls have insisted that there is NO fixed price on this CD – It is donation only. 100% of which will go directly to John Crown’s Cancer Clinical Research Trust.

For information on donating/receiving the CD:
Please contact Patricia on 086 368 0821 or e mail:
Details can also be received by calling CCRT on 01-221 4839