Motivational Diaries – Be Inspired to Beat Cancer

Motivational Diaries – Be Inspired to Beat Cancer

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Buy your unique motivational diary TODAY and support Cancer Research. The compact A6 diaries feature a motivational quote for each day of the year and beautiful paintings from Irish artists.

These timeless diaries are not year specific and so can be used for 2019.

Diaries cost 8 euro and are available to buy from 50% of all profits go to The Caroline Foundation.

The Inspirational Diary was created by Mary Heeran White to support the work of Professor John Crown and the The Caroline Foundation.

Taking Stock – A Collection of Poetry by Michael O’Donnell – On Sale Now


To order your copy of the book please click here

We are very grateful to Michael O’Donnell the author of Taking Stock – A collection of Poetry. All proceeds of the sale of this book will go towards the Cancer Clinical Research Trust’s triple negative breast cancer research programme in memory of his daughter Catherine, RIP.

About the book:

Prologue by Dr. Naoise Synott

Foreword by Dr. Lucy O’Donnell

  • The Friends
  • The Window
  • Adopted
  • Achill Henge
  • Dooagh Beach
  • Cillin na Leanai
  • Cutting the Grass
  • Dom Allum
  • Fishing Sandeels
  • If You Will Only Have Me
  • Chroniclers of Old
  • Loneliness
  • Kilbane’s Tractor
  • Remembering the Bog
  • Colour Plates, scenes of Achill
  • On Slievenamon
  • Ol’ Seamus’ Car
  • Trial and Error
  • She Means Business
  • Sleet and Snow
  • Is There Anyone Here I Can Trust
  • Ancient Achill Tombs
  • Stolen
  • The Magpie
  • Spring to Life
  • The Road That Leads to Keem
  • The Seasons
  • The Weaver
  • The Big Wash
  • The Deserted Village
  • The Old Seadog
  • The Tatie Hokers
  • Train Station 1961
  • Ode to Catherine

CCRT Brighter Future Ball, April 28th, 2018

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Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce the return of The CCRT “Brighter Future Ball” which will be held on Saturday, 28th April 2018 in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4, from 7pm co-hosted by Professor John Crown and Barry Gilmartin.

Yvonne and Barry Gilmartin started the ‘Ball’ rolling in 2010 and a few years later passed the baton to Ms. Elaine Kelly.  This spectacular event has always been one of our key fundraisers and to date has raised in excess of €300,000 which went directly to the CCRT’s most valuable research projects and trials.

This year’s ball is very special as Barry will once again take the lead as we celebrate Yvonne’s life and her significant contribution to cancer research. (Please see below Yvonne’s story as written by Barry).

The Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) CHY12210 is a registered cancer research charity. The primary focus of our work is “translational research”. This term refers to the “translation” of scientific findings in a laboratory setting into potential treatments for patients with cancer, therefore, improving cancer care.

In the translational approach, all of the new treatments which are tested in patients are derived from solid scientific observations which were made in the laboratory. Similarly, information about the effects of new treatments on the patient and on their cancer, is fed back to the laboratory scientists in order to enhance their care.

This world-wide clinical-laboratory partnership has resulted in revolutionary new treatments for many types of cancer. Your support of CCRT enables our researchers to participate in and to contribute to the world-wide war on cancer.

The Brighter Future Ball is a wonderful opportunity for people to come together, including cancer survivors, those living with cancer and those whose lives have been impacted by cancer to enjoy an evening of great food, fun and entertainment.

We are hoping that you would be in a position to do one or more of the following:

  • Join us for a fabulous evening by taking a table or alternatively a couple of seats
    •  – 10 people to a table at €125 per person.
  • Be one of our sponsors for the evening by contributing to the running costs of the event.
  • Donate an item for our raffle, spot prize or auction?

To purchase tickets online please click here. For further information please contact Naoise Kelly, Tel: 01 2213445. or please email:

Kind regards,

Professor John Crown                                          Barry Gilmartin

Director CCRT                                                 Brighter Future Ball Co-Host

******************************         OUR STORY      *******************************

In November 2010 my wife Yvonne founded the Brighter Future Ball to raise funds for the Cancer Clinical Research Trust.  She wanted to give back to those who had helped her.  Patients, families, nurses and Doctors got a night off, an escape, with a reassurance that there was more being done.

Rewind to 2007 and we were filled with the anticipation of her pregnancy, our baby was on the way.  And then it got interesting.  At 20 weeks Yvonne was diagnosed with Inflammatory Her2+ breast cancer.  Thanks to research this was not the imminent demise it once was. But no one knew how her body would react to the chemotherapy.  In theory all was positive, but everyone was on tenterhooks that first day. Well, Max made it, at 38 weeks, with a bald, devoted Mum and an awestruck Dad. Two weeks later she had a mastectomy.

In the intervening years cancer was to return on 8 occasions, including her hip, sacrum, lungs and brain. It led to a hip replacement, 2 femur fractures, a femur replacement, 2 hip dislocations, a couple of pulmonary embolisms and a few bouts of pneumonia.  Throw in hundreds of hospital trips and stays for chemotherapy, scans etc, and a record breaking ability to endure some pretty strong treatments and you get some idea of how I realised that I’d married a hero.

She never let her illness tie her down.  She adored being a Mum to Max and filling our home with laughter. She loved travel and organising our family holidays every year.  She loved doing her interior design course. She loved being with family, friends, and returning to her home town of Skibbereen, always giggling and seeking fun.  She also loved going to concerts, and when she secured her ticket for Coldplay at Croke Park she was overjoyed.  She just adored them and their twinkly lights.  And it was on her 42 birthday, 8th July 2017.

This past May she required Stereotactic treatment on renewed activity in her brain.  This is a focused radiation.  She told me if she can’t make the concert that I was to go for her. I just said you’ll never be too sick that we won’t get you there.

She left us  on 19th June 2017, having lived life.  Smiling and laughing, always looking out for those around her. A brilliant, heroic Mum she never recognised her inspiration.

I can’t call the concert a highlight, cathartic perhaps. Watching the bouncing crowd, the music and the lights, oh the twinkly lights, it all made sense. Yvonne had chosen A Sky Full of Stars for her farewell.

I thank you for reading this as I’m sure you get these all the time. I would be so grateful if you can support the Brighter Future Ball in some small way.

My very best,

Barry Gilmartin.