Staff Changes at CCRT


CCRT has recently had a few staff changes.   

We would like to wish Liz Egan – one of our treasured Research Nurse Co-Ordinators the very best of luck for the future.  Liz has emigrated and will be greatly missed by her colleagues, friends – and most importantly, her patients.  Liz worked in a caring and professional manner with great dedication and commitment  –  and her husband made great banana bread and other goodies to sustain the busy nurses!

Eileen O’Donovan has joined the team in place of Liz.  Eileen comes to CCRT with a wealth of knowledge and experience and our patients are in very capable hands for sure!   We are very happy to have Eileen on board.

Justyna Kloda  worked with CCRT for over a year.  She was previously associated with us through the ‘Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer Ireland’, a multi-institutional research team led also by Professor John Crown.  To the role of Operations Manager, Justyna brought a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm, working well with staff, fundraisers and all associated with CCRT.   We wish her well as she has now returned home to the USA and hope she will remember us as fondly as we do her.


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