Tax Back Claim

Make your donation go further at no extra cost to you!

If you paid tax on any income from 2013 onwards, please complete one of the following forms (explained below in further detail) and return to CCRT.

We need your help to make this happen!  By completing one of the certs described below, you can release these additional funds and help your generous donation make an even bigger difference to the cancer research work that we carry out.  Just imagine how much more we could accomplish if every CCRT supporter did this.  If we do not receive a tax rebate form from you, the money remains with the Revenue Commissioner.

Background to the tax back scheme:

Up to December 2012, the Government’s Tax Relief scheme allowed tax on donations made to CCRT to be claimed back by CCRT if the donors were PAYE workers only CHY2-Cert 

However, from January 2013 the Tax Relief scheme changed to include all donors who paid tax on their income whether they were Self-Assessed or PAYE workers. This means that if you donate €250 or more in one calendar year, CCRT can claim tax back on your gift.  For example, a typical sponsor’s contribution of €264 could be increased to €382.60. From 2013 there are 2 types of tax rebate certs that can be completed by Donors depending on their preference, an Enduring cert or an Annual cert.

The CHY3-Cert is an Enduring Cert allowing CCRT to claim back tax on any donation made by a sponsor for the next 5 years , or a CHY4-Cert which is an Annual Cert completed by a sponsor allowing CCRT to claim back tax on their donation for the previous year.

For more information on charity tax relief visit the Irish Tax and Customs website.

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