”The Great Fragola Brothers” Book Launch

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A huge well done to Joe Prendergast, the young son of one of Professor John Crown’s patients, Geoff Prendergast, who sadly passed away last year. Joe has used his considerable talent for writing to become an author!

At the grand old age of 10, he has secured a book deal with Emu Ink,, online book rental and purchasing site. He has completed two of the books in the trilogy – ‘The Great Fragola Brothers’, dedicated to his Dad. All proceeds from sales are being directed to ‘Cancer Clinical Research Trust’.


Joe has been interviewed by the Sun Newspaper, spoke on the Ray D’Arcy radio show on Thursday 25th April and was on the RTE Six One news last week. He is an inspiration. We have been working with his Mum, Ita McConville and she has every reason to be very proud indeed!

Listen to Joe on Today FM

Paolo and Giuseppe Fragola are Italy’s most famous magicians. A double act, the brothers hail from Venice but decide to travel to New York to spend a year and make a name for themselves in the States. They are not long in the city however when a famous actress is kidnapped and they are recruited to help find her – a move which sees them dragged into a world of secret societies, magic, and one very evil man.

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