What Do We Do?

2011 May John
Despite substantial advances in cancer research, advances which have led to improved treatments and patients outcomes, cancer remains a principal cause of death in Ireland and other countries.

The Cancer Clinical Research Trust Ltd is a registered charity which supports a cancer research program which is based throughout many leading institutions in Dublin. The primary focus of our work is “translational research”, that is research which spans the laboratory and the clinic. Prior to the translational era of cancer research, there was a division between medical researchers who investigated new treatments in patients, and cancer scientists, whose work sometimes seemed to have limited relevance to the real world of cancer sufferers.

In the translational approach, all of the new treatments which are tested in patients are derived from solid scientific observations which were made in the laboratory. Similarly, information about the effects of new treatments on the patient and on their cancer is fed back to the laboratory scientists, in order to make the lab research maximally relevant to patient care.

This world-wide clinical-laboratory partnership has resulted in revolutionary new treatments for many types of cancer. Your support of CCRT enables our researchers to participate in and to contribute to the world-wide war on cancer.


Prof. John Crown

Mission Statement:

The Cancer Clinical Research Trust Ltd is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer suffering through the development of improved treatment for cancer patients.
Charitable Objective:
“The main object for which the company is established is to benefit the community by facilitating research into cancer, through the provision of logistical support, monitoring, data collection and other facilities ancillary thereto.”
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